Discovery Education Coding Is Here!

In partnership with Arab Gulf Education, Minds Ahead is proud to launch Discovery Education Coding in Dubai.

Teaching the next generation of coders

Using the Discovery Education Coding platform, Minds Ahead will provide interactive and fun guided lessons for students to learn block coding, HTML and Python. Students will gain a secure understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables, as well as developing computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning and problem solving. And best of all, students will be able to demonstrate their creativity by creating their own apps and sharing them with their classmates!

The platform offers over 100 step-by-step lessons in block coding, HTML and Python

Students initially learn how to code using visual blocks enabling them to master key coding concepts without having to worry about getting the precise code/syntax right. Once their confidence grows, extend their skills with HTML and Python tutorials.

Engaging programming challenges

The contexts used throughout are interesting and motivating for students with a tangible output at the end of  each lesson. Students can program their own racing car, reimagine fairy tales or feed a hungry monster.

Scaffolded learning support

With code validation built in, a ‘console’ area to help students identify any mistakes they’ve made, and step-by-step progression, students are fully supported in their learning.

Open-ended challenges and free code opportunities

Open-ended activities at the end of each lesson stretch students and challenge them to come up with their own ideas. The free code area takes students even further and allows their creativity to flourish through writing their own code using the library of code blocks available.

Debugging lessons

Help students build resilience as they persevere to find the source of problems in their code. Debugging lessons require students to think through and experiment with different solutions, building essential problem-solving skills.

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